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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park

Had dinner at the The Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park on Saturday evening.

Been wanting to go there for a long time as I was curious how an Italian restaurant in such an ulu place can survive for so long. Transport inconvenient, no air con and right smack in forested area (haven't they heard of dengue?)

Anyway, after running, the 5 of us decided to eat there. Although it was suppose to be an 'atas' restaurant, decided we in our smelly after run gear should still be able to fit right in since the place has not much atmosphere (or some prefer to call it ambience).

I had thought the only reason the place survived for so long was because the food was cheap and good. Unfortunately, I was wrong on both count. It was neither. Most of the appetizer starts at $15.00 and main course from $25 onward. Price by itself seem reasonable considering the 'restaurant' tag but the portion was minuscule.

We ordered a seafood platter and a foie gras to share. Each cost $25.00 but when it came.... we had to cut the 2 teeny roll of salmon into 5 and there were I think some prawn and scallops? which was just enough for each one of us to spear and pop into our mouth once.P5030241 And in our mind were thinking of the seafood platter that we get at Fish & Co or Manhattan FM!
The foie gras came with 5 very tiny slice of pear and a scoop? of rocket salad.P5030240
For the main course, we ordered 2 dishes with unpronounceable Italian names but actually they were just a ham pizza ($25) P5030242and seafood spaghetti ($35 each x 2) to share. The pizza was okay - of course much better than Pizza Hut. The seafood spaghetti came wrapped in aluminum foil. Inside there were 1 crayfish cut in 2, 6 prawns and lots of mussels and clams.P5030244 So not too bad.

Service overall was decent. When the waitress saw this old Uncle me peering at the menu, she came over with a torch. Food came pretty fast. But she lied. She said what we ordered was enough for the 5 of us but I left with barely 1/3 of my stomach filled and so we had to adjourn to Holland Village for further food.

Final verdict - won't be back again. Decent food but not worth the money.

Photos courtesy of Roo + more on the food at Olive Ristorante here

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