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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spolit Princess?

Spoilt Princess?  A reader wrote to the local papers musing that today young ladies are spoilt princess unable and unwilling to take care of themselves and consequently their families. He went on to say that our young man has the benefit of national service and hence are better.

I beg to differ. I believe today young man and young ladies are all spoilt brats. And that is being nice. Just look at the children running wild in the malls. And when they goes to school, the grief they gave to their teachers. And with the ever so loving parents always ready to jump in to protect their precious little backside from poor old teach. It's no wonder they grow up to be spolit brats at work as well.

Almost without exception, these young fellas expect with their paper qualifications to jump straight to management post without working their way up.  And they can't take pressure and hardship for nuts. Give them some extra assignment, throw in a deadline and watch them crack.  And these buggers don't even know anything about loyalty. Offer them a bit more and watch them jump ship straightaway.

Spolit Princess? More like rotten princes and princess!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dr Goh Keng Swee 1918 - 2010

I was fortunate enough to get close enough to him to take the above photo. I remember I was one of the student photographer at the Pre-U Seminar when Dr Goh was the Minister of Education. Then a greenhorn in photography and with no zoom lens, I climbed onto the stage to take the above shot and was lucky enough not to get wrestled down by his bodyguard.

I don't know him and never will but by all accounts, he seemed a fairly nice man although during the 2 hours plus session at the pre-u seminar, I never see him smile. But I think he is a great man with great foresight and without him and the other old guards, Singapore would not have become what it is today.

Dr Goh, RIP.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful Places

Guess what condominium is this? Beautiful landscape garden and is that a pool in the background?

It's a HDB precinct and nowadays HDB has spare no effort to beautify the surrounding and for some precincts, there is even attached multi-storey carpark with landscaped rooftop, bar-b-cue pits etc

I guess that's why it's time to move back to public housing!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


There this Taiwanese stall at Lau Pah Sat selling 臭豆腐 and my curious colleagues who had not tried it was interestingly turned off by the smell yet curious to try it. So one fine day last week, they decided to finally brave the smell and try it but not before dragging me along to split the food just in case they can't tahan it and cannot stomach all the food!

So the 3 of us sat down in front of a plate of 10 small little tofu served with a side of pickled vegetables. Well they said curiosity kills the cat. It didn't quite kill them but I could see one of them having a real difficulty swallowing it but still he gamely took his share while the other lady took another 3 and the rest went into my stomach!

Just how good or rather bad is it? Compared to the one I tried in Hong Kong, this wasn't really good but maybe the Taiwanese version is different but me think I will pass the next time round!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Silly Questions

Usually we hear about kids writing silly questions to school questions like the examples in this website(here and here) and this Please read. Guarantee laugh until peng!

But what about silly school questions? I love these examples lifted from a blog that I follow.

I think I will have got the answer wrong as well!

This one I probably go huh?

Shouldn't there be a final D. All of the above?

Now wondered whether schools over here give this type of questions?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Fish

This is the fish that the Princess caught some months ago. Back then it was just a teeny weeny fish about the size of a small thumb joint. Look at it now. Almost a foot long from head to tail.
Front view. It's not dead!

Same fish with a little bit of DI

Unfortunately, with the forthcoming move, this fish will have to go. There is currently no plan for any fish tank in the new place. Anybody want to adopt a fish? Or maybe I should just eat it?

Btw, can somebody confirm what chiclid is this? Is it a red tilapia?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Ton Noodle anyone?

We laugh at the so funny signs in China but there are plenty of it in Sg as well. Take this one spotted at the Chinatown Food Centre:
Maybe the organiser of the CP Biggest Eater Competition could have just hold the contest here instead of getting to all that trouble at Junction 8. And the winner will be the fella who can finish the One Ton Noodle, i.e. all 907 kg of it!

And for those who don't fancy eating that much noodle, how about dumbling soup? Just hope nobody becomes dumb after drinking it.

And all this happening at Cow Car Water!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are they talking about the same thing?

Look at the headline for this article in the Today paper

A casual reading of this would give people the impression that Singapore's retailers have exchange, refund policies.

Now look at this headline in The Straits Times

Huh are they talking about the same survey? Or is it a classic tale of the cup is half empty or half full?

Ah, the power of the English word. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

House of Seafood

螃蟹之家. Whenever I passed by the place, I always wondered why the English name is House of Seafood and not a more direct translation like House of Crap, oops I mean Crab. I think I answered the question myself.

Anyway, a few of us decided to brave the crap crab and went for a taste bud test. Of course, we had to have this item which is their house special.

It actually looks like a plate of tar or engine oil. 
The only clue of what it was previously is the shell on the left if you can figure it out from the photo

Here it is before we polished it off. 
Of course, we started comparing it to the stall at Joo Chiat which was where the House of Seafood's claim to fame lies. Some say this was better but the last time I was at Eng Seng at Joo Chiat was like a zillion year ago and I really can't remember anything.  So the next best comparison was against the regular pepper crab available at the other seafood places. This version here is more wet with the tar/oil like gravy compared to the drier version normally available. But is it better? Try it yourself lah.

We also had the more normal looking and tasting chili crab but regretted our decision when we saw what the next table had but seriously the chili crab wasn't too bad.

At 8pm on a Friday evening, the place was packed even though it was at a fairly ulu location in the middle of Yio Chu Kang Road. Price wise, it was pretty reasonable - $98.00 for 2 fairly large 1.5kg Sri Lanka crab. I enjoyed the food and will be back but first maybe will try the one at Bedok.