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Sunday, May 2, 2010

House of Seafood

螃蟹之家. Whenever I passed by the place, I always wondered why the English name is House of Seafood and not a more direct translation like House of Crap, oops I mean Crab. I think I answered the question myself.

Anyway, a few of us decided to brave the crap crab and went for a taste bud test. Of course, we had to have this item which is their house special.

It actually looks like a plate of tar or engine oil. 
The only clue of what it was previously is the shell on the left if you can figure it out from the photo

Here it is before we polished it off. 
Of course, we started comparing it to the stall at Joo Chiat which was where the House of Seafood's claim to fame lies. Some say this was better but the last time I was at Eng Seng at Joo Chiat was like a zillion year ago and I really can't remember anything.  So the next best comparison was against the regular pepper crab available at the other seafood places. This version here is more wet with the tar/oil like gravy compared to the drier version normally available. But is it better? Try it yourself lah.

We also had the more normal looking and tasting chili crab but regretted our decision when we saw what the next table had but seriously the chili crab wasn't too bad.

At 8pm on a Friday evening, the place was packed even though it was at a fairly ulu location in the middle of Yio Chu Kang Road. Price wise, it was pretty reasonable - $98.00 for 2 fairly large 1.5kg Sri Lanka crab. I enjoyed the food and will be back but first maybe will try the one at Bedok.

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