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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Presenting the Princess' Collections

The Princess has continued with her now almost weekly baking and these are the output. (Proud father must show off a bit leh....)

Shepherd Pie. We finished it all off so it passed the test

This one dunno what it is. A bit like a biscuit with chocolate inside. Smell nice but a bit too dry and hard

Another chocolate creation. Both of us love chocolate so she uses a lot of them in her baking. This is a bread with chocolate filling. I think it is called a chocolate swirl bread or something like that. Passed. Finished it off during breakfast the next day

Her contribution for Chinese New Year ~ Cornflakes cookie. This got can sell standard!

This so cute. I think got white chocolate and marshmallows or something. Sweet, crisps. Nice 

This one very plain looking but one of the best. Lemon biscuit or cookie 

My favourite type of food ~ muffin. Still  no muffin top but nevermind taste good more important.

I think this is some sort of chocolate brownie. Bit chewy. Not exactly my cup of tea though.

And last but not least, something which I had a hand in, White chocolate cookies. Guess what role I played in bringing it to fruition?

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