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Friday, April 16, 2010

Boom or Bane?

"Mime hole baldy ate light help. May bee eat is bee cost eye oven deed the wait"

Noticed something about the above sentence? Don't understand what I trying to write here? How about reading it out loud? Does it make more sense now?

The other day, was writing a word and I couldn't recall how to spell it. And I noticed something too. I have been making many mistakes in my writing and never noticed - like huge/hugh; from/form; principal/principle. Is this a sightsign of old age and I am losing it?

But actually I blame it on our modern technologies. Remember those days when we can recall every single phone number of our relatives and friends? Now try and recall 10 numbers without scrolling down your phone's contact list. Or how about doing some simple arithmetic. No, don't reach for the calculator. So it is with spelling too. With spell check and auto correct in almost every software program, the computers and electronic things are taking our memories away.

And what was I trying to prove in the first sentence? That if properly spelled, the computer cannot spot the mistakes (noticed there is no red underline) and if you copy the whole sentence into a spell checker or say Microsoft Words, the most you get is one word flagged out. So are we are going to end up as blabbing idiot if we don't use our brain more and leave everything to electronics and modern technologies?

And in case you still don't get it, the sentence reads:

My whole body aches like hell. May be it is because I over did the weights.

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