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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What makes a Christian?

What happened when old friends meet? They talked about the good old days. What happened when old Christian friends meet? They talked about Christian things of course. What happened when old Christian friends meet with old not so Christian friend? Of course they cajoled, they nagged and they preach, and they nagged some more and they argued and then nagged some more...

These dear friends see in this old man here a prodigal, wayward son who must be turned back on the right path. To them, the fact that I do not belong to a Church, do not do all the seemingly Christians thingy mean I am not a Christian. To them, it is inconceivable that a Christian can be a closet Christian. A Christian must go to church, says the sinner prayers, have daily quiet time, spread the words blah blah blah. My retort was that a Christian should not be defined by his/her deeds and actions which they of course readily agreed with a big BUT: How do I as a father feel if my son do not call me,  talk to me, acknowledge me daily? Now I don't know where they came from but isn't that what been going on in most people's life nowadays? I remembered I did not see or talk to my old man for many many years until almost towards his end. Did that make me any less his son?

So when that line fails, they revert to the all time favourite Christian's triumph card ~ Heaven and Hell of course. Normally that will pissed me off no end because I hate it whenever Christian talks about believers going to Heaven and everybody else going down under because conversion by fear is something that I never believe in and which is one of the big reason why I stopped going to Church. But these are close friends so no offence taken and we diverted our talk to more sinful matters like the unfortunate Rony Tan saga.

But of course the ladies have to have a last say and this SMS came later while on my way home: "Praying tt u will find success in Christ!". The problem with this is that I didn't know I was a failure. Jeez!

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