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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Mind Your Body on Thursday had this article on eating many small meals a day and why it does not help to loose more weight than a typical 3 meals a day. The typical meal for most people is breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the latest fad is the several small meals (usually 6) a days. The idea behind this is that the frequent meal will stimulates the metabolism and burn more calories as opposed to the 3 main meals.

I don't know about which is better but being typically kiasu, I combined the two together and ended up with this daily meal routine:

6.30am - A sandwich and a kopi-o kosong
9.00am - A cup of bean flower water er I mean soya bean and another sandwich or a piece of kueh from the hawker centre
11.30am - A piece of fruit
1.30 pm - Lunch (usually 2 bowls of porridge with 3 side dishes or thunder tea rice or sliced fish soup with rice) Very boring hor?
5.00 pm - 2 or 3 pieces of fruit including 1 banana
8.30 pm - Dinner (usually home cooked; rice with whatever Mum cooks)
9.30 pm - Fruits
10.30 pm - Lots of mixed nuts; cranberries; raisins or chocolate or ice cream (depending on whatever is available; usually have one or more)

And that is for weekdays. Weekend is free for all which means pizza, noodles, burgers and whatever nice.

So a lot or not? Sounds like a lot but believe it or not, even though I have been eating roughly along this line for the past few years I have not put on much weight even though I really wanted to. Maybe it is due to my daily exercise regime? Maybe I burned more calories than I take in? Cont'd here:

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