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Monday, February 2, 2009

3 Crabs

Had dinner with some running kakis at 3 Crabs at Outram Rd a place which prior to this I had not heard of before.

Their specialty - obviously crabs (with a name like that) but not any normal black pepper or chilli crab but Curry Crab. Crab cooked in curry actually it taste more like laksa and comes with optional laksa noodle. The Sri Lanka crab they used was humongous and the combination of the curry and the crab really stood out well. Definitely a cannot miss.
The other unique dish we had was the chicken rojak. It is actually just normal rojak with chicken and mango but taste great.
The or-nee was good but it was also a big disappointment because it came in such small serving. First time I seen or-nee served on a plate so u can imagine how small portion it is!
The rest of the food were so so nothing to shout about but I think for crab lovers, this place cannot be passed up.

All photos courtesy of Karen. More photos here (only if you have a Facebook Account)


  1. I never like or-nee with that gingko nut, just plain not so sweet or-nee would be nice.

    Then again....never like or-nee after an 8-course full yet serve or-nee sure die :D

  2. I love or nee but that dish has got to be the most unhealthy chinese food around despite it being full of healthy yam, ginko, pumpkin

  3. Hi Susan,

    Ya hor just realised that. I planning to go back there again next week.