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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eat and Eat

2 crazy days of eating.

Thursday was a special day for somebody and unfortunately not being able to take leave due to meetings, we can only sneaked time for a lunch. With limited time, we ended up at Thanying Restaurant at Amara. I always love the food there although it's a tad too pricey for frequent dining. We ordered a tom yum soup, a fish maw soup, the boneless chicken wing, asparagus and of course had the buffet dessert. Somehow the food doesn't seem as good and the desert spread seemed to have shrunk and isn't that great anymore. The damage for the few dishes? Slightly over a hundred dollars! No photo for this. The place seems a bit too posh for me to be snapping pictures here and there.

Dinner was a bit more interesting. Running out of ideas on what to eat, in the end decided to go to Werner's Oven at Upp East Coast Rd. Been there only once for breakfast and even then it was just a piece of cake and drinks so we didn't really know what to expect. First thing we noticed when we walked in was almost every table had this big pork knuckle. So of course we ordered that as well, cholestrol be dammed. It came deep fried to a crispy golden brown and it was absolutely fabulous even better than the chinese version at the Machperson coffee shop.
As Werner's Oven is a German food outlet, the item on the menu had unpronouceable names so we humtum away and ended up with a garlic sausage, (very good)a Rinds Goulash which is actually beef served in a thick gravy and comes with cabbage and 'spƤtzle'. Actually it is just like beef steak only the beef comes in thick chunk and is very tender. The spatzle is actually a type of egg noodle (foreground in the photo).The reddish/purlish coloured thing is supposed to be cabbage in the menu but we think it is more like red raddish.

The other item we had was Schmorbraten which was supposed to be a pot roast that comes with the red cabbage, spatzle, and a dumpling although their idea of a dumpling(foreground) in picture really doen't conform to any type of dumplings that we have over here.The dinner plus drinks cost another sightly over a $100 which means if I had saved on this 2 meals and the flowers, I could be halfway to getting a Garmin!

But the food was good and satisfying and everybody end up happy and so I think it was money well spent.

(Photo not very well taken though since using only the camera phone)

Another round of dinner awaits the next day on Friday when we went to 3 Crabs at Toing Bahru for what else but crab! But that shall keep until the photos are ready!

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