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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Dinner

Reunion dinner like for the past few years was buffet dinner at one of the hotel. This year for the 2nd time running we went to Salt Water Cafe at Changi Village Hotel. An ulu place but good for us. No problem with traffic, parking and crowd.

The food was so so. No yusheng and mainly Chinese food. Heard that the salmon was not fresh so didn't take that. The black pepper crabs were all cut into such small pieces that I didn't even bother taking. Skip all the chinese food going instead for the barbecue and deserts. Anyway, at my age, not really a big fan of buffet since stomach cannot digest so much food but still it beats eating at Chinese restaurant where the food are overpriced, overcooked and everybody got to eat in shift!

1 thing is despite the extended 'families' eating together, it seem much more subdued at our table which consists of Mum, the 4 of us and bro and his daughter. The other tables where sis was with her inlaws were so much noisier and seem more fun.

Maybe that's the problem with small family. After some time, there isn't really much to talk about especially if everybody is busy with their own lifes and does not keep in touch often and everybody seem like strangers after a year or so of absence.

1 comment:

  1. not an issue about size of family. its just that your sis was there hence the noise....hee