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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Those Supermart Cashier and their plastic bags

I seriously think the cashiers at Fairprice are trained to use more plastic bags. Every time I am in the queue, I am absolutely aghast at the amount of plastic bags they use to pack the groceries.

Just like this afternoon, the guy in front of me bought 3 carton of drinks. All came in carry away boxes so logically there should not be any need for plastic bags. But no, the cashier put each carton into not one - but 2 bags, why because she told the guy - the drinks are heavy! Yeah and that's why the manufacturer packed them into easy to carry carton! So 6 plastic bags for 3 carton of drinks that don't need them in the first place.

And then there is their peculiar habit of separating the wet stuff from the dry stuff and the edible from the non-edible. So if you buy say a bottle of sauce, some fruits and vegetables, a bottle of detergent and a packet of egg, how many plastic bags do you get? 4 - yes 4 - one for each item. Fruits and vege goes together, detergent cannot be mixed with food stuff, eggs can get squashed so 4 bags.

I am truly amazed. And the cashiers always look at me like I crazy when I repack all the things they packed for me and give them back the extra bags. Telling them is no use. They simply don't understand or they are so well trained that die die they must use as many bags as possible!

Then there is the other extreme. For daily small purchases, I have a small reusable grocery bag and the funny thing is the minute I produce the bag, the cashier will try to squeeze everything into it nevermind that the bag look like it is going to break.

I seriously think the chain is just paying lip service to the go green movement despite their public vow of support. Cos if they really support it full heartedly, then they can jolly well have everyday as bring your own bag day instead of just Wednesday. And the reason why they don't do so? Cos the bags are a cheap form of advertisement!

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