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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Globalisation of China

Many nations have tried and failed to expand from their shores to conquer the rest of the world. Genghis Khan reached only China, the European fared better - dominating East Asia through some sort of alliance. Japan of course was a bit more ambitious and tried to do it by might. When they failed to win the world through their military, they set about doing it with their money. Central to all this? China. Yes in every single major world war that was fought or major conquest, China was inevitably the victim no 1. Japan occupied China in World War 2 and the 8 nations somehow indirectly controlled China during the tail end of the Ching dynasty.

So was it any surprised that China retreated from the world and closed itself off? Was it to hide so that no other nations can come after them again? Well, it seems to me like what they did was to do a tactical retreat and regroup and look at them now - they have turned the table on the whole world and conquered it without firing a single bullet!

Don't believe? China first started expanding its shore by by exporting its people out in full force. Even in the days of the cowboy, there were Chinese in America, in India and everywhere else. Now every city in the world has a Chinatown but is there an American town or British town in other countries?

Next, they flood the world with their products. I would say 80% of the products we consumed or used nowadays come from China, whether it is a by or end product. Even the plush toys in souvenir shops all over the world including Australia - are made in China. The processed food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the electronics stuff we use. I once asked my mechanic his opinion of car made in Japan, Korea and Thailand. His reply? They are all the same. Everything inside the car is made in China. They are only 'assembled' in said countries!

Not contend to populate the world with its people and their food, they next set out to buy over the world. Now Chinese companies and the China SWF owns many major building in the world through their SWF. Of course, they don't do a dance and song about it unlike our GIC and Temasek who loves to announce to the whole world their buys.

The next step to world dominance is to conquer the MNC. So we have IBM/Lenovo and the latest Volvo/Geely. And bit by bit, they will control the government (Chinese people in power), the land and the economy without anybody having an inkling of their sinister objectives.

And just to be doubly sure that the process is complete, they have started to export their people again - this time not just the poor unskilled worker but the brains as well.

And so one day we will wake up to see the moon draped in the China flag!

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  1. Great post Koh and yep..not surprise at all and look at has been bought over by PetroChina and u know what....head of head depts controlled by head honcho from China.....Sporeans got to work doubly hard.