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Friday, March 5, 2010

Shashlik Restaurant

Maybe it is a sign of old age but it comes as no surprise that my favourite place for steak is a just as old steak house in an even older looking building in bustling Orchard Road. 

Shashlik Restaurant is an old Russian theme Hainanese restaturant. Possibly one of only 2 Russian theme western food restaurant left here (the other one is in Serangoon Garden), it used to have ancient looking Hainanese gentlemen as serving staff. These gruff looking uncles would take your order without a smile and woe behold you if you have the audacity to walk in during dinner without a reservation. Now only 1 old uncle is left and the serving staff are now slightly more cheerful looking aunties. Still no sweet young thing but the people who goes there are not there to ogle at gals but to slurp down the wonderfully prepared and resonably priced food.

Probably the most famous of their Russian theme food is the Borsch soup (centre picture). It is a smorgash of vegetables and beef. Throw in a dollop of sour cream and you get a taste of something that is not found anywhere else in Sg. 
The other house name food is the Shashlik Fillet of Beef which is 3 pieces of beef on a skewer and served with just a strip of vegetable and some onion on a hotplate (bottom left).  

One other unique item that we did not order on our recent visit was the Baked Alaska which is a liquor filled ice cream desert. I loved to see them pour the liquor onto the whipped cream and see the fire light up! But honestly, I don't think it is that great.

What is great though is the soft bun that comes before the main course is served. It is so soft and seriously bread never taste so good. This one die die must try!

Generally, I wouldn't said the food here are the best in Singapore but for its price, it is well worth the money ie if you don't mind the aunties and uncles. Certainly, it is much better than the many sprouting pretenders like Astons, Botak Jones or even established names like Jack's Place or Hans.

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