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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We watched movies and even read reports of lost children and somehow while we feel sad, it is not real and we can never feel the distress of the parents until it hits home like now.

My nephew, Bryan Tan Ming Ming, 16 who is autistic went missing from school this afternoon and as of now is still missing despite a massive effort by relatives and friends looking all over the east. Ordinarily, a missing 16 years old boy is not really a cause for concern but because of his severe autism, he cannot communicates well and I think does not know how to buy food and drinks, if he has the money in the first place. For the same reason, he will not be able to find his way home even though from Metta School to his house in Tampines is just a short distance away. And by a quirk of fate, his ID tag went missing a few days ago and has yet to be replaced which means there is no way of identifying him.

Just exactly what happened his parents are not sure. Between the teacher and school bus driver, somehow they failed to notice that he didn't board the school bus and I think he thereafter he just walked out of the school without anyone stopping him. But this is not the time for blame. The most important thing is to find him.

It has been more than 10 hours since. He has never spent a single night alone not less sleep in the outdoor and to go without food and water for such a long period! I really hope and pray that somebody had found him and brought him to a police station or hospital by now.

If anybody sees  a fair skinny kid, about 1.62m tall wearing a pale yellow shirt and blue shorts and behaving weirdly (mainly screaming and whining, cos he does that when he is frighten), please call me or call the police. For those of you who have rendered assistance, a very big thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated.

7am latest update:

Ming Ming was found safe and sound at around 3 am in Clementi. Many thanks to all those who have helped and for your wishes and prayers. More updates later after I get my zzzzzzzzzzzz!

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