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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's the Fuss

I seriously don't understand what this obsession over somebody's sex life is about. Be it Tiger Wood, John Terry or Jack Neo, what they do or rather who they do it with in bed; is it anybody business? Is it worth the front page headline? Surely there are better news to report on?

And the big hue and cry by the public? Come on, surely by now it should be no big shock to everybody that celebrities all over the world have looser moral than normal people (or maybe it get published more) and this has been going on since King Arthur's time.

All this cry mother cry father about being a bad role model and loose moral. Since when did this people said they are role model? And loose moral? Let those who have no sins cast the first stone!

I think the main thing is hate the sin, love the sinner. If they have done wrong and apologise for it, forgive and move on. Get a life. There are better things to do than writing and talking about who sleeping with who.

1 comment:

  1. So so right.....extra-marital affairs can be found everywhere actually ;(