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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Goodies

A giant plate of raw fish salad. The bowl only luckily otherwise won't know how to eat the rest of dinner.
A table tennis ball, a pineapple tart and another pineapple tart. But just look at the size of the tart in the middle. It is touted as the golf ball tart but I think it is a tad smaller. But it is good. However at 100 calories per tart - not something that can just eat non stop.

More about the golf ball pineapple tart here

Unfortunately, no sponsorship for this write up. In fact had to order in September just so can get early bird discount otherwise it is $1 per tart.


  1. it's definitely not 100cal a tart...the tiny one alr 80cal/tart...(dying fm guilt...cos I'm popping one every now and then....)

  2. P.tarts aside, I've tried their beancurd tart...very good :D