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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Eater

Is it normal for men to forget dates or is it just me?

Last week, while on the way to work, she casually mentioned it was our 19th wedding anniversary and I was "oh shit". Yah I had totally forgotten about it. Luckily for me, she was busy with work and I think (and I hope) she wasn't expecting anything.

Okay managed to get her for lunch and we went to Rama Thai. Rama Thai is well known for their shark fin but being a environmentally friendly conscious eater, we didn't order that. Actually I was just being stingy. We had the usual Thai kway teow, tom yum soup, prawncake (very good) and crayfish with chai poh (very very nice).

Okay that took care of lunch.

For dinner, we went with the kids to a zhi-zhar restuarant, Big-Eater near our place. Had passed by the place many times but never actually went in before so since everybody favourite was seafood; to be precise, crab we decided to check out the place.

The place was very spacious occupying 3 shops unit with an outdoor area as well. Service was pretty basic. Grab a table, sit down and wait for the serving staff to give us a menu. The mainly PRC staff were friendly and courteous and when we tried to order an extra dish, the waiter kindly told us to hang on and finish the food we ordered first since we had already ordered a fair bit.

Top of our list was of course, crab and we had the crab with bee hoon. It came in a claypot over a burner. The crab was of average size but fresh and the fresh didn't stick. The stock tasted of wine and milk but the kids love it.
Next was another crab. Chilli crab. We like to compare the chilli crab from various places and this one fares well. The chilli gravy was fairly hot and not too sweet. The crab was about the same size as the bee hoon soup crab. Naturally we wolfed down both dish.

The waiter recommended 2 dishes - the fried squids but instead of the usual plain sweet fried squid, this one came fried in a lemon taste platter. So it was sweet but not coylingly sweet and a hit with all of us.
The other dish he recommended was the la-la but cooked in Thai sweet sour sauce instead of the usual sambal chili. I didn't really find the combination going well together although M seem to like it. Interestingly, the la-la was of a different species with nice patterned shells and big lump of fresh.
We also had another dish of vege but true enough, we were stuffed by the time we finished this lot of food so we were rather thankful we had heeded the waiter's advice and not ordered more dishes.

So ended our 19th wedding anniversary without any black face. Heng ar but I still haven't got any present for her.

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  1. Yo...Happy 19th Anniversary to both of you. Never mind lah it is the thoughts that count lor :D You can still make it up by buying her some nice nice chocolate.