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Monday, June 28, 2010

3 days in Kuala Lumpur

Has it been really such a long time since I last visited KL? Came down to KL for the KL Marathon and decided to throw in a day or 2 of sightseeing. And that reminded me why it has been such a long time since we came. There wasn’t much to sight see.

Took one of those premier coach service from Golden Mile Complex. Not bad, got personal mini-tv, massage chair, plenty of leg room and a onboard attendant who talked like she was an air-stewardess. Too bad, the ear phone was not clean or changed (God know how many eyes it has been plugged into!). The drivers are now Cruise Captain (stylo right?). The rest stop at Yong Peng still looks the same from the outside but the toilet….. I swear can sit on the floor. Now got proper flushing toilet, nice clean tiles, bright light and a full time cleaner. Changi Airport – you got competition here!

As usual, we stayed in the Chinatown area. The Ancasa hotel was part of the package we bought. But it was good – actually more than good because like the rest of the world, Malaysia has caught the football fever and the hotel was a big supporter of Brazil judging by the Brazil banners, posters and even t-shirts worn by the staff. And to cap it off, when Brazil was playing Portugal, there was free flow of food and drinks. Too bad, the action on the field wasn’t that great.

On the first day, we made our way to Stadium Titiwangsa to collect the race pack. Why must they have such tongue twister name? The organizer had thoughtfully provided free shuttle services to and from the LRT at Titiwangsa.  The collection was a cliché and we were in and out within 5 minutes. The stalls at the expo were a disappointment though. And things were not cheap. So we made our way back to Titt before catching another train to Mid-Valley Mega Mall, apparently the most popular mall in KL which looks much like any other mall back here except that it is much much much bigger!

Talking about train, I think the KL train system is impressive. The various lines connect to almost everywhere. Despite the different LRT, Monorail and trains whatever, it was easy to change from one to another. Too bad, there was no direct link and some places we got to walk a bit whereas some were just next to it and we had to keep buying tickets and exiting in and out of the fare gates. Still, it beats getting around in the infamous taxi with its flame reputation for rip off.

Next day, took the free hotel shuttle service to KLCC. Now that is one place we have never been to but other than the impressive twin towers, it was just another big mall. And no we too stingy to pay to go up to the bridge.

In the afternoon, toured the race site at the Dataran Merdeka. Apparently this is KL historic area. I must say I was impressed with the beautiful buildings with all the domes and what not. Fortunately, I think these buildings will not be torn down unlike Pudu Prison which is making way for more commercial crap much like Queenstown Prison back here.
Chinatown or more precisely the night market at Petaling Street seems to be less crowded as compared to the last time we were there. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it sells mainly tourist cheating and bootleg stuff. Nevertheless, I guess it is still a must visit for tourist much like Patpong in Thailand or the now defunct Xiangyang Market in Shanghai or even our own Bugis Village.

Overall, and after 2 and half days of trampling around KL, I think I filled my quota for the next 5 years. Unless they come up with something drastically new and exciting, I think I will pass the next time somebody mention going to KL for a holiday.


  1. Lots of changes in KL and just as crowded as Singapore.

  2. I am here in KL accompanying my wive and felt that KL is so boring. Really no excitement here at all. So boring and dull.