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Friday, June 11, 2010

CHC Saga

Okay I will love to say "I told you so" but I guess it is still a bit too early.

I am referring to the investigation by the CAD into the affairs of certain individuals connected with the City Harvest Church. Since the investigation is ongoing, it is not appropriate for me to say who is guilty or not but kapo me need to say something.

But first a quick peek into what they are saying in cyberspace. Naturally, 2 schools - one openly hostile to CH and the other comprising I supposed mainly CH members. The anti-CH has according to posting on its facebook page and other blogs more or less decided that the members under investigation are guilty. The supporters, with their own facebook page sees it as an attack by the devil, the gahmen on the church itself. One smart aleck from the supporter's side is even advocating a war against the enemy of CH!

There are many more interesting reading out there and I think they put forth the point more eloquently than uncle me:

A very well put view from The Lycan Times:  here & here
The controversial Yeap Chee Seng: here & here
A neutral view here

I shall leave out the more vocal and nasty people but suffice to say, there are more anti-CH than pro-CH. I too have my own opinion on this issue and also on some other stuff related to this that been bugging me. But I think I will leave that for another day.

Meanwhile, will CH survive this? I have no doubt it will. Just like Lighthouse survived their own mini-crisis. But will the individuals involve escape unscath? Like Pastor Rony or will they end up like Rev Ming Yi?

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