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Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Review

Sorry to disappoint but this is not a review of the ongoing matches. It is a review of the venues and no I am not talking about faraway South Africa but here in this little red dot! This is my review of the various means apart from TV and live streaming that one can catch World Cup 2010 live in Sg.

Clubs, pubs and restaurant
So far my experience was limited to standing outside a pub in Clark Quay for all of 10 mins to watch the Argentina-South Korea game and a further 45 minutes of standing outside a restaurant further down the road. The TV screens at both places are 42 inch wide screen LCD TV although the former did have a projection wall at one end but from where I was standing, the angle wasn't good. Also, the TV screen at the first place was inside the pub and the sound could not be hear clearly. There was standing space only for us free loaders at both venue but I guess if we have to pay for something to eat, we would have spend a bomb. Atmosphere wise it was rather mute except when Argentina scores but other than that, there wasn't really much noise.

Screen: So So
Ambience: Not Bad
Atmosphere: Cool
Food: Available but expensive
Recommendation: Go for it only if won on the bets you place and want to impress your date

My experience at the coffeeshop was even shorter. A mere 2 minutes but it was enough to send me running - from the pall of smoke emitting from all the smokers. What happened to the no-smoking law? Anyway, from what I observed, at this particular coffeeshop, there was 2 screens, both outdoor and installed on the beam of the building well set back from the tables. Sound wasn't really audible due to the openness of the area.

Screen: Need magnifying glass
Ambience: What's that?
Atmosphere: Smoky and hazy
Food: Cheap + free smoke
Recommendation: Go for it if your idea of a fun time is smoke inhalation and goggling beer aunties

MacDonald Restaurant
This was the first place I went. It was crowded and I had to keep moving so that other customers can get the straws, chilli sauce, napkins. There was only 1 screen but no sound unless one choose to sit behind in which case it is all sound no picture. The crowd here was more lively and the smell of coffee and fries in the wee morning great! Not too bad a place to go if one need cheap food and comfort.

Screen: So So
Ambience: Can do lah. What do you expect from a Macdonald outlet?
Atmosphere: Not bad
Food: Cheap + cholesterol inducing
Recommendation: Best place to watch and  snack

Safra Clubhouse
Tampines Safra where I went had set up a 42 inch TV at one corner of the lobby. At 2.30 in the morning, there was only a few soul and 1 guy was even stretch out on the sofa. He actually slept through the whole game! The small crowd was a bit muted probably because there was nothing much to cheer for. In fact the game was so boring another 2 guys fell asleep on the comfortable chairs in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, there was no  food outlet opened at that time and so no food, no drink to while away the time.

Screen: Not bad
Ambience: Sleepable shiok
Atmosphere: Cool
Food: What food?
Recommendation: Bring your own snack and food and a buddy. This is the place!

Community Centre
Tampines Central CC - Got wowed by the giant projector screen! Good sound system, plenty of chairs, food court, supermarket, 24 hours minimart, What else could one ask for? Er air con please? The crowd here was the biggest and most overflowing and loud. Almost as good as being at the stadium.

Screen: Super shiok
Ambience: What's that?
Atmosphere: Hot hot hot
Food:  Food glorious food 
Recommendation: Gather your gang and be prepared to party!

For a complete list of places to catch the action, click here

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