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Monday, August 23, 2010

Exam is coming

Exam time is round the corner. It is a time of great stress as parents take leaves to make sure their children study and get into that 'top' school. Some parents are pleading with the gahmen to subsidy tuitions, some ask for a total ban on tuition to 'level the playing field'.

But is getting all A and getting into that top school really that important? Does job interviewers really care what T-score a prospect gets for his PSLE or what his L1R4/5 is? Do they really care which school or JC they went to? Surely, the goal should not be to get perfect scores or top schools but just to advance to that next level smoothly. Why ply on so much pressure on the kids? Are parents really thinking of their kids' future or living their own dream through their kids?

For me, I am contended if my kids can be happy with their own progress and not be too stressed with getting results. Nevermind if it is a B or C. After all, what we do with our life does not depend entirely on how well we did in school but what we want to do in life. At a recent class gathering 30 years after we left school,  while most of us are still slogging in the world force, 1 guy had sort of 'semi-retired'. In his own words, he is 'just taking it easy'. Actually, he is the most successful of us - having started doing insurance when he was in JC and thereafter running several businesses before he called it quits to spend more time with his family two years ago. And his academic qualifications? He funked his 'A' levels big time! Again in his own words, he just 'went to JC to pass the 2 years before doing NS'. So the point is, its not how many distinctions or which schools but what you want to make of your own life that counts!

And back to the parents. This video may be good for a laugh and a bit extreme.  Laugh but do stop to ponder. Are you on the verge of becoming like the father in the video?

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