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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mooncake Index 2011

It's that time of the year for the Mooncake Index, first stated in 2007. For the life of me, I can't remember why there wasn't one last year. Maybe I didn't get any moon cakes? Not very likely though.

Anyway, the MCI reflects the state of my expenditure and the business given out and the corresponding reactions to the business doled out. On this count, the year appears to be a good year for businesses despite a drop in ad spending.

The first one (actually 2 of them) was from Crystal Jade.

Among the early bird to arrive at my desk was everybody favourite, the Champagne Truffles Mooncake from Raffles Hotel.

Next was this box of White Snowskin Champagne Truffles Mooncake from Li Bai of Sheraton Towers. Not bad, a close 2nd to the Raffles Hotel's Champagne Mooncake.

The box feature a nice jade like seal in the centre. Me think the box might possibly cost more than the moon cake itself.

Then there was this longish box from Royal China, Raffles Hotel again.

This one, I didn't even try and gave it to my colleagues.

This mooncake from Marriott has the most exquisite and unique box. It features a pull out drawer below the lid. How did the mooncake taste like? To be honest, I didn't know since I also just gave it away to my colleagues.

Finally, a box of multi-color fruit infused mooncakes from Goodwood hotel. I of course like the Durian mooncake but the Jackfruit was not bad and so was the lychee.

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