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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not so Old to New

Everybody knows that most of the old pre-war houses in Chinatown have been torn down and in its place have risen nameless concrete high rise building that bears no semblance to the past and is a clone of buildings all over the world.

But in the name of development, a fair number of post war high rise buildings have also been torn down and in its place have risen newer and higher buildings.

This was the old Robina House. I remembered MacDonald had its first CBD outlet here in eighties.

In its place now is a gold color shiny One Shenton.

Just around the corner at McCallum Street, there used to be this building known as Nat-West

Now it is a Residential cum Commercial Building called The Clift.

Another one that bite the dust was this popular building where one of the oldest Singapore Turf Club outlet used to be - The Asia Chamber building.

It was demolished, a worker was killed in the process and is now the Tokio Marine Building.

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  1. Can't seem to post any comments ...testing...testing....

    Yes, I remembered Robina House too....had my first interview right after my O levels...didn't get the job ya..ended in TPC heheheh...