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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Poor Teachers

By now everybody will have heard about the mother, the teacher, the $60 haircut and the police report. Seems like nowadays parents seem to think that the mata very free and file police report for all the slightest reason. Just like this guy. Daughter kena scolding by teacher - file police report. And if it is not the police, then its the Ministry of Education. And there are more. Like this case.

Poor poor teachers. I really wonder how teachers can do their work nowadays.

Most teachers I know are really dedicated and went beyond their call of duty. In my primary school days, there was this teacher who was so sweet. She invited us to her house during Hari Raya. Another teacher took a bunch of us poorer kids to the movies. In secondary school, there was this teacher who was so kind to us especially the kids from the poorer household. In JC, I had a tutor who was widely deemed to be a tyrant but actually had a heart of gold. Despite my bad behaviour in my 2nd year, she did not scold me but counselled me.

Of course, not all teachers are angels. 

I remembered when I was in secondary school, we have this lady teacher who used to throw chalks at us. Another male teacher walks around pinching anybody who didn't do their assigned work properly. I can't imagine how many police reports would have been filed against these 2 teachers if they are still teaching today. And when my kids were in primary school, there was this teacher who threw the children's exercise book out of the window when they failed to do their homework.

In the good old days when parents were not so educated, the parents will gladly let the school take over the discipling of their children. Child misbehave in school? Go ahead and cane. Child hair too long? Go ahead and cut. And the children? They will be too ashamed or too scare of the additional punishment they will get at home if they go home and complain they been punished by the school!

Now teachers not only cannot discipline the children, generally they do not get the support of the Principal and the Ministry. Students are now more like customers with the parents the paymaster. Is it any wonder that teachers are leaving just barely a few years after teaching, disillusioned by the reality of teaching in Singapore.

Anyway, to all the poor teachers out there. Take heart for every foul mouth police happy parent, there are 9 other parents who are grateful for the valuable lessons you teachers impart to their children. For every child that misbehave, there will be 9 others who will be a joy to teach and will remember you many many years later for your dedication.

Finally, to all my relatives, friends who are teachers past, present and future,  happy Teachers Day. Enjoy your day and these jokes:

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  1. Really Nice Sharing. Do you know why Male Primary Teachers are not Interested to do Job in Primary School? I Think Low Amount of Salary. Are you agree with me?