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Friday, July 26, 2013

Margaret Close

Finally after a long search, I found it! Photographs of my old block of flat at Margaret Close.

We stayed on the fourth floor and I used to sit on the staircase landing ledge to wait for Mother to come home from work or to watch the soccer matches at the Queensway Secondary School field across the road. I can't imagine doing that now - sitting on the ledge. I think somebody would have called the police and post it on Stomp but in those days nobody care.

Behind the flat is a small hill where we used to go to catch fighting spiders. We also go there to catch grasshoppers which we will give to some of the  neighbours who rear birds. I remembered there was this time somebody gave us a custard apple to eat. After that, I took the seed and ran up to the hill and planted it, hoping that a custard apple tree will grow from it. Did it?

For the next picture, it was supposed to be in Margaret Close too but for the live of me, I cannot recall them. I don't really think they are part of Margaret Close maybe Tanglin Halt or Stirling Road?

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I missed the 'old' Aunty lived in one of the block too..on the 6th floor and I used to visit her every Saturday afternoon to play with my cousin.

    At night, my Uncle will fetch me home in his motorcycle after his shift work.....he never failed to give me $2 pocket money upon reaching my house :)