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Monday, October 22, 2007

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

Went with the ladies after the race to Red Star Restaurant at Chin Swee Road for dimsum. Can't really remember whether I had been there before, maybe neons ago when policeman wore shorts?

The place looks typically like a what else - chinese restaurant of course. But one of the few places left here that still serve dim sum from a trolley cart. Quite quaint. The dim sum was not too bad - the long queue at the door can't be that wrong and it was pretty reasonably priced - we had 17 dishes including 1 pipa duck and it costed only about $78.00 which works out to only $15 per pax.

After that, went over to Keong Siak Road in Chinatown. Keong Saik Road as most people know was and still is one of Singapore's most famous red light areas.According to Ah Roo, it is also now one of the happening hangout place for gays. But broad daylight nothing to see except some extra-large door signs. Maybe should come back one of the evening to catch the excitement?

We had coffee and kaya toast at a dingy coffee shop which had a newspaper article proudly proclaiming 'One of the top 10 places for kopi'. I beg to differ though. Give me my CMC coffee and kaya bun anytime!

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