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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Different Kind of Egg Tarts

First there was the ordinary egg tart, the most famous of which must be Tong Heng.

Then came the war of the Portuguese egg tart.

Now we have the latest kid on the block - Fancy Delight - where they sell egg tarts that comes with all sort of toppings. Moreover, instead of the usual shallow crust shell, it comes in a small cup shape shell. Toppings available include chocolate, kaya, mushroom and plain Portuguese. It is less sweet than most other egg tarts available.

I didn't really like the mushroom - it was almost like the minced meat steam egg that we eat with rice. I guess egg tarts should be sweet.

At $1.20 each, it is fairly decent priced since it is at least double the size of the normal egg tart.

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