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Monday, November 5, 2007

Cat Killer

This mad guy arrested and jailed twice for abusing or should I say torturing cats have been arrested a third time - again for torturing another kitten. The newspaper reported that a neighbour who had set up a group to watch over him had initially stopped him from bringing the kitten home but was dissuaded by well meaning neighbours who wanted to give him a "chance". And who was going to give that poor little kitty a chance!

As for this guy, notwithstanding that he may be a mental case - for the protection of the cats and dogs out there and maybe even children (if he moves on to bigger things to abuse!) a jail term is not going to help. Jailing him is not going to cure him of his 'affliction'.

A better solution is to put him in IMH for long term treatment.... hmm but then again a far far better solution might be to put him in a room filled with a lot of cats...and I not talking about little kitties here but big cats.. lion, tiger, leopard, puma, cheetah... and let him have a taste of his own medicine! That would probably cure him of his problem once and for all!


  1. Execute the scum. Problem solved. With over 6 billion people on earth we are hardly at risk of "dying out" if we start to whack the dirtbags. No more bad buys AND population control! Now that's win win!

  2. No No that would be too harsh. To err is human to forgive is divine. We must learn to forgive him after the lions and tigers chew out his eyes and bite off his 'bird'

  3. Hehe, yeah that's good, but I do see one problem. He'd become even more of a welfare burden. Imagine the costs involved keeping that lump of half eaten meat alive? $2 bullet to the brain and mail the bill to his family...China sure did get that right.

  4. Tsk Tsk so violent and full of hate!

  5. I think you'll find the "real" violent person is the one refered to in the original article. The world doesn't need those types. Kill him