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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Artz Pizza

Went for dinner at the Artz Pizza at East Coast Park. It shares the premise with the Baraonda Restaurant and the Seafood Station (previously SingaInn). No aircon but it was breezy and atmosphere quite great.

We ordered the Mamma salad which consist of mixed greens, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon (mamma dressing). M didn't like the cheese although I thought it was quite unique. But I thought there was too much olive oil and lemon.

We also had the fried chicken wings which apparanently came from the seafood restaurant. Nothing great about it though.

This was followed by the signature Artz pizza. This consist of a thin pizza with smoked scamorza(whatever this is?), rocket salad, tomato, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The rocket salad made the whole pizza look like a plate of raw vege.

This one look much better with the 'jungle' removed!

The last dish we ordered was a Cannelloni which was actually a pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach in cream sauce.

Overall, the quality of the food was good but a bit ex. The pizza was $33.00 whereas the salad was $19.70 and the pasta $22.00. Nice place to bring a date for a nice quiet romantic dinner followed by a stroll along the beach and .......

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