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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finalmente Gastromomia

Stucked for a place to eat. The kids suggested pizza again! but didn't want to go for the so boring Pizza Hut or the ex California Pizza. Referred to good old trusty ieatishootipost and managed to fish out a place in Macpherson - Finalmente.

The place was quite empty considering that it was peak hour on a Saturday evening. A bit doubtful about the quality of the food but all doubts were vanished when the 2 pizza arrived.

We had a folded pizza which resembled an oversize curry puff. It was stuffed with ham, mozarella cheese, mushroom and all sort of gooey stuff and was absolutely delicious. Best of all, it cost only $17.00

We had a normal round pizza. It was more or less the same but with a thin slice and rocket salad on top. The crust was so well done that it tasted good even by itself!

We wanted to order some pasta but the friendly owner, a bald headed Italian (I presumed) asked us to eat first before we order some more and it was certainly good advice as between the 3 of us, we nearly couldn't finish both pizza!

We also had a piece of chocolate cake and ordered another pizza to take away. The total damage + water came up to only $67.00 certainly good value for money and worth many more visits.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Why don't you like your review to my review by posting in the comments?