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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Killers

Another cat killer on the loose! I wonder what turn normal human being into cat killers? And what happened to these people later on - will they turned to killing people when people get in their way or become a nuisance to them? Hopefully he/she will be caught soon and as punishment - maybe made to eat cat food for the rest of his life!

But one strange thing about this incident. How come Bayshore which is a private estate has so many stray cats? Much as I love animals, the number of strays who had felled to this looney is now 19 and that is a tad too many even for a big development such as Bayshore. How did the MC allowed the cat population to grow until this size? And me think the kind souls who are feeding them should stop doing so and let nature take its course.

Previously, my place too had some problems with cats. They were climbing into the windows of houses on the ground level and there was a huge hooha when one of the residents got scratched trying to chase a cat out of the house. How did that end? A vote to bring in cat traps etc was shot down but eventually there were no few stray cats in the estate.

I guess with no food to eat, the cats will simply go somewhere else so that should be a better solution than culling or posioning them.

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