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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travel Sg - Shrewsbury Road

This little road parallel to Moulmein Road is not very well known so what am I doing there? Again with some time, 20 mins to be exact to kill while waiting for Mom to finish her prayer at the temple, decided to take a walk and of course take some pics for memory. Along this short about 400 metres stretch of road, there is 1 church, 1 Sai Baba temple and 2 Buddhist and 1 Taoist temple. Could this be a record of sort?

The Buddhist Temple which can be seen from Moulmein Road

The rather run down Taoist Temple along Shrewbury Road

Most temples in Sg are kinda 'rojak' and this one is no exception with a Buddhist shrine

Believe it or not, this colorful building is a Buddhist Temple

The exterior of the temple has a ring of the '18 Luohan'. For protection?

Unfortunately, didn't have enough time to take the other buildings fronting Moulmein Rd but then, that couldn't be Shrewbury Road anymore, could it?

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