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Monday, March 7, 2011

If it Swims, We have it

What a interesting advertisement. With a tagline and a picture to match, how not to resist dining there?

Actually this place has been around for a long time. The International Seafood Restaurant at the Playground @ Big Splash, East Coast Park is a slightly more high class place along the ECP compared to the other restaurants at the Seafood Centre.

We were there to celebrate and this time round, M did the reservation and had pre-ordered the food. She had eaten there a few times and claimed to know what was the best food and so apparently the food that was to come were mainly 'off the menu' item.

Anyway, trust us to start off with a non-seafood dish. Or maybe duck is considered seafood since it swims? But whatever, it was the most beautifully arranged plate of food we ever see. Half duck, half fruit. Very colorful.

And oh yah the duck was wonderful too. Lightly braised in a sweet sauce but not very sweet, the meat was moist, soft and heavenly.

Next was another colorful plate of food. Prawn yam ball with fruit bits. This was absolutely great with the melt in the mouth taste. 

Then we had the fish soup. Another very unique dish. Unfortunately, no picture cause the wait staff served it out individually. Everybody agreed the fish soup was great. A cross between the usual fish bee hoon in milk and the crab bee hoon soup. 

This plate of scallops + greens come with what sis call drumstick mushroom. Big stalk of mushrooms. 

Of course, seafood is not complete without crab and so we have curry crab. It comes with garlic bread instead of man-tou. Spread the curry on the bread and eat. Shiok!

We also had bee hoon with lala. Again no picture caused it was all served up in small little bowl but it was also shiokalicious. 

The dessert of yam paste and mango pudding wasn't so great though but all it all, it was a great feast. 

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