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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little piece of Nature

In this concrete jungle, it is extremely difficult to find a natural piece of nature. Sure there are plenty of parks but all these are man made with neatly spaced out trees, nicely cut grass and shrubs. What little natural piece of green we have are confined to the nature reserve and if are not nature reserve, they are reserved by the military. So imagine our delight when a friend brought us to this little place. Sure it is still part of some nature reserve but it was not the usual MacRitchie Reservoir or the Bukit Timah reserve.

Just a few metres from the small side road and we came to this little trail full of fallen trees.

The path wind around the woods and trees. Along the way were some natural looking man made obstacles meant for the mountain bikers. 

And then we came to this sight that took our breath away. A beautiful lake that spreads out as far as the eyes can see.

So where is this place? And what is this lake? See the buildings at the rear of the picture? That's your clue:)


  1. Hi!
    This is beautiful! May I know where is this place? Thanks!

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for dropping by. This is part of the nature reserve at Chestnut Ave off Dairy Farm Rd