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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Canon SX210

Got sick of the crappy image from the Casio Exlim. Was hoping that will drop it during one of the runs so that got excuse to go and buy a new one but it never happened. Decided to bite the bullet and just get a new compact camera. One that I can carry around easily, light enough to run with and yet powerful enough to do all sort of things that a DSLR can. And volia I think this is it!

The Canon SX210. Last year edition but it suit me fine cause it means cheaper. And just look at the features.
14.1 megapixel
28mm to 392mm
Image stabilizer
Macro: 5cm
Mode available:
- Auto
- Aperture priority
- Shutter priority
- Program
- Manual
- Usual preset modes

Color Accent
Color Swap 
Smart shutter - no more timer!
Fisheye effect
Miniature effect
HD movie
3 inch LCD

More specs than my current Nikon D60 DSLR and at a fraction of the price!

Only thing I don't like is the zoom 'bar' on the top of the camera and the battery can only last about 260 shots. And the dial is kinda stiff. 

Oh well, can't have everything!

Some sample shots

Night scene (auto)

Color Swap (still need to work on this)
 Color Accent

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