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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sin Hoi San Seafood Restaurant

Was looking for a place to eat on Mother's Day and since was in the town area, decided to check out more new  places. Went by Tiong Bahru area and decided to try our luck at Sin Hoi San. As we were rather early, managed to get a table. Whew!

Have heard about this place but never ate there. So wasn't really sure what to order and ask the China lady to recommend and we just went along.

Of course, no outing to a seafood restaurant is complete with seafood so the main items we had were crab and more crab!

First was the obligatory black pepper crab. The crab was huge. It was fairly well done cooked just right.

Since the children had suddenly developed a craving for crab beehoon, we also asked for crab beehoon although it was not on the menu. No problem - said the China lady. Actually this was a bad choice cause the beehoon was almost tasteless. In the end, we didn't finish it and ask for it to be doggy bagged. Mum had to refried it the next day to make it more palatable.

Another seafood item we had was the spicy crayfish. Again, didn't really think it was that great although the crayfish were pretty big.

We also had a papaya soup. Initially it tasted great but as the sweetness from the papaya begins to be absorbed into the soup, it became too sweet and we got a bit gelat.

The best food for the evening was the mushroom tofo. Soft succulent tofu with lots of mushroom on top.

The lady also recommended a special grass jelly drink. It comes with grass jelly and another transparent white jelly which tasted a bit weird. The combination didn't work for us. None of us like it.

The dinner wasn't really cheap and I can get better food at Seafood Centre at East Coast. So it's still a puzzle to me why this place is so packed most of the time.

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