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Sunday, June 26, 2011

1 Day Durian Trip in Malaysia

Have heard alot about the durian trip up north so when a relative decided to organise one for the whole clan, jumped at the opportunity and took a short day trip across the causeway.

After reading about the jam caused by the new finger print procedure at the Malaysian's causeway, we set off early. 5.30am to be exact and reach the Malaysian's custom just before 7am. Heng ar, no jam and no finger print scanning too! Luckily, they also never ask us to strip and do naked squats. Maybe we all lau kok kok not worth looking at?

Anyway, it cannot be durian the whole day so our first stop was for breakfast alfresco style no less. Actually it is just a coffee shop at Gelang Patah but the choices there was unbelievably.

But mindful to keep space in our stomach for the durian, we only had a small plate of dim sum, char kway teow, and shared in the carrot cake and you-tiao and 'butterfly',

After breakfast, we stopped at the obligatory local products stores where the ladies grabbed everything and almost anything that is edible. No wonder these shops all located in some ulu areas are doing so well!

There was also a stop at the brown rice outlet where they touted the benefit of brown rice and the slew of brown rice products. This one, we ended up buying a big mixed packet of very unhealthy chips!

Finally, the highlight of the trip! The durian farm. But the excitement so turns to dismay when we saw the mass of  these.

They were all over and swopping down on every opened durian. After a few futile attempts to shooed them off, everybody gave up and went outdoor eating standing up with one hand on the fruit and one hand eating it. The amazing thing about these pesky flies is they don't even bother with the beehoon and curry. Only the durians. Trust the flies to know what's the real stuff.

The shiokness of eating the durian were spoilt by having to wolf down the durian before the flies get to them and in the end, I think I didn't get to eat enough. Oh well, there's always another trip.

After the durian, another obligatory trip to a chinese temples where the folks there took every opportunity to suck us foreigners dry with all sort of prayer offering. Even their children were roped in and were using loud hailers to get the tourist to offer this, offer that in return for 'blessing'.

A short stop at the local supermart just to while away the time before dinner.

Dinner was the usual super size spread so typical of tour packages but unfortunately it was also a very rush affair as the restaurant had a wedding dinner and needed to chase us out by 6.30pm. So we had a 9 course dinner in under 30 minutes!

And so we left Malaysia filled to the brim with food, food and I daresay, some flies in the stomach.

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