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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Foreigner's Solution to the Foreign Worker's Problem

Was talking to this lady who happens to be a sort of "foreigner". She like many, commented that Singapore has too many foreigners. Quite ironic considering that she is also a foreigner but of course she was referring to those lower level workers and not so called "foreign talent" like herself.

Her solution to the problem? Remove the hedges. Do I hear you go "huh?"? Yes I didn't write wrong. The way she sees it, Singapore has all those nice little shrub along the road sides. She reckons that these hedges serve no purposes other than to generate jobs for the contractor who has to maintain it and who does these contractors employ to maintain them? Yes foreigner! She went on to further elaborate why we don't need those plants. Other than aesthetic reasons, she sees only issues and problems with them. Firstly, the shrubs planted along the road side outside her place made it difficult for her to walk in a straight path. Secondly, plants along the road side in the city made it difficult for her to get out of her car when she has to parallel park. Thirdly, the plants block her view when she is coming out from side road to main road and last but not least, the plants in the middle of the expressway prevent her from seeing what was going on the other side of the road.

So by her reckoning, if we remove all those hedges and shrubs along the road, we can do away with at least 50000 foreign workers!

Do I hear applause from those who also think we have too many foreign workers? How about nominating her for some sort of WITS award?

1 comment:

  1. I say grow the shrubs taller to block people seeing what's happening on the other side of the road. Ever noticed that when one side had an accident and both sides get a jam?