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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out of the Stone Age

I finally succumb to the temptation of the smart phone and went and got me a smartphone. Actually I had a smart phone already which I got in 2008 but never did have a data plan which means I only used it as a ordinary phone. Kinda waste hor? But back then there was never a need to be in touch daily with what's was going on in the world. And this nice state of affairs could have continued except that 1) the phone was dying and 2) the office went and install some super duper firewall and banned all access to webmail/FB and a host of other sites. The final straw that broke the camel back was when during a recent upgrade, all my forwarded mails from FB and the webmail to my office's email account (my way of keeping in touch with what's going on in my friend's life) ended up in the IT Manager inbox instead of mine!

My original choice of a phone was the HTC Desire but the darned thing was upgrading so fast that the price went beyond what I was prepared to pay. I decided to settle for a lower end HTC phone but at the shop I ended up with this:

A LG phone! Ha ha so far I don't know anybody who owns a LG phone but after playing around with it I must say I am pleased with the purchase since it only caused me S$46.00!

Battery life was okay. Roughly 10 - 12 hours of standby plus some fiddling around so far. Fairly easy to use although some functions still leave old foggy like me lost but got the Princess to the rescue.

Camera quality is impressive. The 5m camera phone took fairly good pictures:

This close up photo was taken in fairly low light in the living room

This picture was taken at about 7.24 pm when the light was limited

And so now with a data plan I can now use Whatsapp, FB on the go and etc... So I am in contact with the world 12 hours a day? Heck no There is limited, actually almost no signal in that little corner where I sits in the office. Sighed! Back to square one!

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