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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Storm in a Curry Pot

It looks like the CMC has generated a storm in a curry pot. For those who are still blur about this, where have you been? To recap for the benefits of those who are totally lost about this curry war, on 8 August, a mediator at the Community Mediation Centre(CMC) in a Today newspaper article gloated about her satisfaction in achieving a solution between 2 neighbours. Apparently, a PRC family living in a HDB flat objected to their neighbour, an Indian family cooking curry as they(the PRC) could not tahan the smell! The CMC solution was that the Indian family could only cook curry when the PRC family was not in.
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Obviously, that was a most ridiculous and stupid solution and this immediately led to an outcry on the web as bloggers, forummers and everybody took up the cudgels for the Indian family with many baying for the blood of the PRC family, presumably to cook curry! Ha ha but fear not,  they just want the PRC family to balek kampong. The other half of the vitriol went to the mediator and CMC for proposing the solution. And of course the gahmen got slammed as well for neglecting the rights of local and championing that of the FT. What type of silly solution is that? Next we know, some other FT will complain of durian smell and  durian will be banned from HDB flats or worse the country! I think those buggers at CMC need to be sent for a course on learning how to mediate. 

The CMC in a reply to Today newspaper clarified that the solution was suggested by one of the family and accepted by the other. That of course didn’t wash down well with the public who promptly fired off another round of vitriol. Read the full story here, here, here, here and here. There is even a Facebook page inviting everybody to cook curry on 21 August. Oh heck just do a google or a bing for curry and prc and volia! 

What do me think? I think I will love my Indian neighbour to bits if they cook curry just as long as I get to eat it! As for the PRC family, they should be sent for a brain washing re-education camp at the local Community Club. And for the people at CMC, don’t they have bigger things to fry than settle something as trivial as curry smell! Why not investigate the frequent complains of the mysterious dragging of chairs in the middle of the night or the bouncing of marbles (where do you get marbles nowadays?) on the floor or the idiot that continues to leave rubbish inside the lift?

Glossary of local lingo used in this post:

Blur about this - did not know about
Tahan - tolerate
Balek Kampong - Go back to where they come from
Gahmen - Government
FT - Foreigners living in Singapore

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