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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Belacan Fish and German Pork Knuckle

I have been going to Bedok North Blk 85 for the longest time. But when I go there, it is usually for the minced meat noodles, chicken wing and satay and seldom anything else. Until one day a friend told me about a stall there that sells pork knuckle.

One evening, while there, and after ordering the usual, I suddenly remembered the recommendation and went looking for it. The good thing was I found the stall but unfortunately having already order the usual stuff and it being supper, figured my stomach had no more place for the pork knuckle. But the next best thing was  that I discovered that they were selling this:

Ok I know the picture doesn't look too appetitising but this was a belacan fish! The last time I had eaten it was when my dear beloved MIL, God bless her soul, cooked it! M absolutely loves it and maybe it reminds us of her mum so I bought one and it was absolutely the best. Fried to perfection, with just the right amount of belacan neatly placed into the fish, it was comfort food at its best! At $3.50 per fish, it was practically a steal considering that nobody seems to be selling it anymore!

But we have yet to taste the pork knuckle. So we went back again. I had expected the usual braised pork knuckle but instead it was the German style fried pork knuckle. The stall certainly has an unusual mix of food - from curry to the typical western food to the belacan fish and the German pork knuckle.

I had tried several version of pork knuckle from German food outlets and zhi-zhar stalls but this one at $18.50 for a set with coleslaw and fries was the best value for money. Without the sides, it cost only $16.50.  So was it worth the money? The pork knuckle was deep fried, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. There wasn't too much fat though which was a disappointment to me since the skin and the dangling wobbling fat was what I loves the most about pork knuckle. 

The stall also serves several type of curry. We ordered the vegetable curry to go along with the fish and the pork knuckle. It was rather normal although M thought it was great. But I guess one can't be a good at everything. 


  1. Hi do you know if this stall's still in the temporary market? please reply asap thank you!!

  2. I believe it moved to a nearby coffeeshop but unfortunately I don't have the address.

  3. Hi there, found the address. It is now at Blk 416 #01-53 Bedok North Ave 2

  4. Hi guys, their latest address is at Blk 86 Bedok North Street 4 #01-165 Singapore 460086. More details at