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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bicycle No More?

This was the scene 1 month ago when I first blogged about the bicycle situation in Pasir Ris.

One month later, the bikes are gone. Is it due to the holidays and everybody is away?

Well no, there is this big sign put up by the Town Council on the removal of bicycles. Me, I would like to think that my earlier blog post has something to do with the Town Council's enforcement although I cannot be sure.

But of course, sign or no sign, there will be some soul brave enough to take a gamble that the Town Council will not enforce the rule and park their bicycle right under the banner. I hope the bicycle can tow away.


  1. Happy New Year Koh!!!

    I thought there are proper parking areas for bicycles? Too many is it???

  2. Shiong, precisely! There are so many racks outside the MRT but these lazy inconsiderate bums still park their bicycles everywhere just as long as it is convenient for themselves.

    Anyway, a happy and blessed 2011 to you and your family