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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sungei Tampines

Just a stone throw from Sungei Api Api, okay maybe 1.5km from Sungei Api Api is Sungei Tampines.

So we lucky people in Pasir Ris gets to enjoy 2 lovely rivers running right through it. Just like Sungei Api Api, the Sungei Tampines empties into the sea through a lush mangrove swamp. The shore line here is full of wildlifes including herons, egret and monitor lizard and of course fishes.

Right on the other side behind Pasir Ris Drive 1 is the river that runs through the heart of Pasir Ris. Unlike  Sungei Api Api, the banks are relatively clear of plants and 2 walking path run alongside the river.

This is the river that runs between Drive 1 and Drive 3. The plants along the side are planted neatly next to the flats.

Interestingly, after Drive 3, the river flow trickles into a small little drain.

Apparently, this is because there is some sort of tide control mechanism install by Nparks to keep the Pasir Ris Mangrove swamp alive. So the water level here is regulated by a series of dams such as this.

While the Sungei Tampines looks nice, unfortunately, the stark concrete bank is an eyesore.They should plant some creepers along it to cover it up just like the next photo.

A canal with hanging creepers along its wall. Can anybody guess where is this place?

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