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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sungei Api Api

This is the Sungei Api Api which runs through Pasir Ris. Looks really wild.

It flows out to the sea.

Recently, tons of dead fish were found floating in the river. Sungei is Malay for river. A few years back there were even claims that a crocodile was sighted.

For the lucky residents of Pasir Ris living by the river bank, they literally have a river and not a canal by their doorstep. Isn't it beautiful? Though I couldn't be surprise if there are complaints of creeping crawlies getting into their apartments. But seriously,where else in the world can there be high rise apartment next to a river like this?

There is another river that runs through Pasir Ris - the Sungei Tampines. But that is another story.

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