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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

We generally do not go to high class restaurant as I believe there are better ways to spend money than to eat it up and then discharge it the next day but this being the Kid's 21st, it called for a big celebration. While most people will throw a party at home, at chalet or the rich holds a coming of age party at posh hotels, we decided to keep it simple by having a family dinner.

To make up for it, we decided to break the piggy bank and splurge on an atas dinner. Our choice of venue after doing some research was Wooloomooloo Steakhouse at The Swissotel.

Since we do not have much experience in dining at this type of place, we decided to play safe and ordered the food based on what was recommended by bloggers and the staff at the restaurant.

So for starter, having read that this was a must have, we ordered the crab cake. It can the size of a moon cake which we promptly cut into 4 to share. 

The uber friendly waiter recommended the tuna crab cake
The kid asked us to try the ham which he claimed was very different from what we always get from the supermarket.

We were going to order the mushroom but the waiter very politely warned us that we were ordering too much for the 4 of us. That was a pleasant surprise to us. Rare for places like that not to try to earn more.  

And then of course we had the steak which was what we came for. I ordered the ribeye. It was a 80 ounces piece and quite probably the biggest piece of steak I have ever had in my life.
Having read that the portion here can be quite big, M and the Princess decided to share the 200 ounces t-bone steak. It certainly was huge

And the kid had the Wooloomooloo steak.
Having never been to any other similar class joint, I can't really compare the standard of the food, like said to Morton or Ruth Chris. The closest I can compare it to was Angus Steak House and Black Angus Steakhouse but the steak there were cooked slightly differently and it would not be fair to compare them here.

At over $500.00 including a bottle of wine, it was certainly the biggest most expensive meal we ever spent on for only 4 persons but I think we do enjoy the food and the big slab of meat. The staff were so friendly and attentive. We even got a complimentary corn soup or something that looks like baby food to me. I would certainly recommend this place for those who have an occasion to celebrate and want to make a good impression.

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  1. Wow....what a name for a olong :)

    Anyhooo..Happy belated 21st Birthday to your Daughter Koh, the last time I visited your place your children were so time flies.

    Ok, we have tried Morton and that's good but like you say, atas restaurant only on occasion so shall keep this in mind :D