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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Was in Malaysia over the weekend for a run and since we were free on Saturday, we went to the world renowned Batu Caves. The only thing I know about the Batu Caves was that it is the holy site for  Hindu of Malaysia and they go there to pray. And it is also the training ground for Malaysian runners who want to do stair climbing.

When we reached the Caves, I realised why.

The whole place is like a big Hindu Temple Complex. There was a gigantic statue of  the Hindu God Murugan at the main plaza and inside the caves there were countless shrines and mini temples. 

The steps up to the top of the temple. There are suppose to be 272 steps to the top of the cave stretching all the way right up to the top of the cave. Probably this is why the Malaysian runners train here although I am not too sure how they do it with so many visitors walking up and down.

The interior of the caves is pretty impressive. Huge and cavernous and airy and fairly bright it was fairly easy to walk. Understand there is another cave known as the Dark Cave but that one requires an entrance fee of RM38 so we didn't go in which was unfortunate as that was the cave with all the plants and wildlife.

There were as many monkeys as there were devotees and the monkeys were snatching food and water and even the bags of visitors. Like this monkey which managed to grab a mango and was enjoying it.

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