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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Somewhere late last year I ordered a calendar from, an online printing company.

Subsequently, according to the delivery note, the item has been shipped and was expected to reach me on 7 January 2014 via Singpost. When I saw the name, Singpost, I was like "uh-oh" and true enough, by the 10 January, I had still not receive it. So I duly wrote an email to Vistaprint to inform them that I had not receive the calendar. I received the usual standard acknowledgement  and that was that or so I thought.

The next day, the calendar came. In my excitement at looking at the calendar, I forgot about the email that I had sent out. 
That night, I got a notification from Paypal informing of a credit to my account. That was odd. What was that for? Before I can delve further, I got an email from Vistaprint informing me that they had refunded my postage and on top of that - sent me another new calendar! Feeling embarrased by now, I quickly sent another email to them to inform that I had the calendar and there was no need to send me a new one. But it was too late. Seems like they had already shipped it out.

I am truly impressed! I had when I sent out the first email expected them to tell me to wait a few more days for the item to be delivered.but instead what I got was superb service with no question ask. And so now for the price of 1, I got 2 calendars.

This is the 2nd time I ordered items from Vistaprint. Unlike other online photo book sites, they have a wide variety of products. I am happy with the pricing, the quality and most of all the service and I will certainly order from them again.

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