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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ueno Zoo

Most country we visit, a trip to the local zoo is a must. And in Japan there are plenty of zoos but we only managed to find time to go to the nearest the Ueno Zoo. This is the oldest zoo in Japan I think. We were pretty excited because they have animals that we don't have in Singapore and the regional zoos - like gorillas, bison, okapi, dholes and some other interesting rare animals.

Unfortunately, the Eastern section of the zoo was closed for maintenance so no gorillas. We also couldn't see the bison. What a disappointment! But we did get to see some beautiful owls and took their pictures, something that is extremely difficult to do in Singapore since the owls are housed in the House of Darkness. Here, they are in the outdoor enclosures and once we overcame the problem of shooting through the bars and glass, we got some nice photos.
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl
Wood owl?
Eagle Owl
Barn Owl
Some other birds

These are a pair of dholes. I think.

And guess what is this animal? The outcome of a horse and a zebra?
Too bad couldn't get a clear shot of it
All photos by Alicia

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