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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Muffet's Room Cafe

An ex-colleague took over this place from its previous owner a few months ago. Even though it was near my work place I could not find time to go down and give my support until recently. Initially I read the name as Muffin's Room and wonder why they didn't sell muffin and I was going to title this post as the Muffin's Place that don't sell muffin until I realised it was actually Muffet and not muffins.

This is a very very small outlet at the Icon but it boast a pretty impressive menu. 

Its main speciality is beer battered fish and chips. My colleague ordered this.

On the day of my visit, there was also a special set menu of salmon and dory fish which I ordered. It cost $16.00 and I topped up another $3 for a Cream of Carrot soup and an ice lemon tea.

The outlet at the Icon Village at Tanjong Pagar serves mainly the lunch crowd and deliveries to the nearby offices and apartments. 

Check it out if you work or are in the area.

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