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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good Food in Scotland

Let's just say Scotland is not exactly known for its goods other than fish and chips, haggies and black pudding. Good Chinese food is hard to get and most outlets serves a mixture of Italian and basic Western cuisines like steak and fish and chips. But yet somehow, we managed to uncover some gems and surprisingly all were seafood!

The first place is this little shack at Oban.

We chanced upon it while on our way to Isle of Mull. There was a long queue and reviews on Trip Advisor were pasted on the wall. So it has to be good right? This little shack sells local freshly caught shellfish. Its speciality appears to be oysters and mussels caused everybody seems to be eating those. But both of us don't eat oysters so we contend ourselves with this cold dish of seafood:
There were prawns, squid, crab, mussels and more mussels. And it was real good and cost only £20. 

On the Isle of Mull, there wasn't much option but what we found was probably the best deal ever. At Tobermory
there was this little restaurant, Cafe Fish - the only one that was opened at the time.

But what it lacks in size it more than make up for in this super giant size seafood platter

This platter cost £30 and just to be clear - it is only for 1 person. Can't tell exactly how huge this platter is? Just look at this next photo:

That how much food there is. Crab, prawn, scallops, squids, oysters, lobsters, langoustines. So this was the catch of the trip. The best meal ever!

Last but not least, up in the Highlands, the proprietor of Camus House recommended this joint, Lochleven Seafood Cafe for dinner:

Situated right next to Loch Leven, it serves seafood as well. For this meal, we decided to spurge a bit and ordered 

1) Another seafood platter for 1 at £40

2. A plate of small scallops for £10.50 although I certainly won't describe it as small

3. Brown crab for £12.95

Another sumptous meal. And this place is listed in the Michelin guide wor.... 

There you have it. 3 of the best in Scotland. If you ever there, die die must try.

On a side note, no place is worth visiting without tasting the ice cream and this place Nardini's, we went to at Largs has apparently the best ice cream in the whole of Scotland according to several websites. 

But frankly I think the ice creams here pales in comparison to what we have back in Singapore like those at Scoopz and Udders and all the little ice cream outlets sprouting up all over the country. But hey if you ever visiting in Largs, this is a must try of course!

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